Things That Make Men’s Wedding Rings Remarkable

wedding rings for men


One of the most underrated items of jewellery owned by people, rings can often remain unnoticed. This is one of the reasons why most don’t take a voluntary interest in choosing rings to be a part of their collection. However, men’s wedding rings are a different zone altogether!

What with having to wear your wedding rings all your life, choosing something remarkable becomes a necessity more than a fashion statement. And what’s stopping you from doing both at the same time. We believe that you can be the trendsetter wherever you go without really needing to purchase something out of your wedding shopping list – the dream wedding ring.

You certainly do not want to be bored with the one thing you’re expected to wear for the rest of your life. So, we bring to you certain factors that make men’s wedding rings remarkable!

The choice of element

A lot of people are unaware that there are metals other than gold and platinum. In fact, white gold is more often preferred over other metals (barring gold) owing to its affordability as compared to platinum and the overall look it gives. If you can afford a platinum ring, go ahead. If not, you can also opt for white gold.

However, gold is still a popular choice among the majority of the crowd.

Other metals often chosen for men’s wedding ring options are tungsten, rose gold, titanium, among others. And one thing to remember when choosing the metal is that the metal will also affect how the ring fits around your finger.

The fit

No matter how captivating your ring is, it would hardly make an impression if it isn’t the right fit for you. Too tight, and it wouldn’t go past your knuckle. Too loose and you’re bound to lose the ring within a few hours! And even if it does get past your knuckles with a bit of force, it would only cause you discomfort.

Choose a ring that goes past your knuckles smoothly and snugly fits around your finger without closing the circulation of blood in the finger.

The width

Most men and women have different choices. However, this in no way stereotypes women to have certain preferences that men cannot have. The styles of rings that people prefer are always subjective although most men lean toward wider width for their rings.

And while wider widths are more often chosen by men, one can also opt for thinner widths or dainty-looking men’s wedding rings that suit their hands better.

These must also be chosen, keeping the length and width of one’s fingers. A big ring for a slender finger can look as off as a ring too dainty for a stubby one. All in all, make sure you take a look at every option to know what screams “YOU”. If it’s something you would love to go for, there is nothing stopping you from choosing the width of your choice.


The detailing

While keeping it simple is always a good choice for men, the right detailing can take the classiness up a notch. Although we all agree that personalizing a wedding ring gives it more appeal and adds a touch of emotion to it, there are quite a few ways to make it visibly attractive too!

This can be done by adding a little sparkling friend to the picture. Diamonds certainly make everything better. Compared to most other stones, diamonds are better suited for men’s wedding rings in order to add appeal without making it too ostentatious. You can opt for a single diamond gracing the band of multiple glittering diamonds carved along the entire band.

For those not keen on diamonds, a simple carved line across the ring can make it seem more stylish without much-ado! You can always fill in the gap with another element for a catchy look.

Another elegant detailing to opt for is to add simple designs along the edges of the ring.

The finishing

Beautifully designed rings aren’t hard to find if you’re looking in the right place. But what makes an already beautiful ring even more breathtaking is the finishing. The gleam, the flawless edges, the look and feel of it, all matter when you take into account a noteworthy ring. And if it is a wedding ring you are planning to purchase, the finishing is as important as any of the above aspects.

The finishing effect can also be chosen, depending on your preference. While most opt for a glossy finish, some also choose a matte finish to make it less shiny or a gritty finish to give it the rough and rugged effect that best matches their personality.

So, if you’re on the way to being a husband soon, be sure to keep all of these things in mind to choose a wedding ring that’s sure to catch everyone’s eye!



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