Upgrading Your Bathroom? These Are the Products to Keep an Eye Out for


If you intend to renew and upgrade your bathroom, these tips are for you! I will give you all the knowledge you need because I know sometimes it can be really tough to manage all the information that appears in different blogs and magazines, as well as those people that always end up giving their own exclusive opinion. Fortunately, I am here to help you transform the most private and personal room in your house into a luxurious safe haven!

Your bathroom is not only the place where you start your mornings, be it with your skincare routine or showering, but also the place where you end a long tiring day of work by making face masks and taking hot baths to relax. We surely agree that it’s such a vital room, so it’s really important that you like the space and the time you spend in it. If you already feel comfortable in your bathroom but still want to make it a bit more luxurious with some new items, this is also for you! A simple makeover can change it completely and can also turn it into an efficient escape from the routine!

You can still have some doubts but trust me when I say there are various benefits in upgrading this area such as increasing your home’s value, especially if you have in mind selling the house. By keeping the sink, floor, and toilet under perfect conditions and also by choosing the splendid decoration and colors that are trending, there’s now way buyers won’t fall in love. Another benefit is making a peaceful room that will help you avoid the stress, mess, and clutter with old and unattractive features your bathroom already has, by making it not only pretty but also functional. So if it’s stress-relieving, what are you waiting for?

Last but not least, it’s important to become eco-friendly when buying new material, and it can be from companies that develop products that are energy-efficient, biodegradable, and recyclable.

So, here are some items you should consider making an investment on if you want to upgrade your bathroom:

Vanity Mirrors

Vanity mirrors, or commonly called Hollywood mirrors, are my favorite type of mirror, as they are modern and beautiful with great functionality – exactly what I look for when choosing any item for any room. You can add a vanity mirror in your bathroom to give it an extra luxurious look with elegant ambiance! They also add light to the room, which is never enough when it comes to the place where you see yourself every morning before taking the day on. You can choose between wall-mounted or tabletop. Wall-mounted ones are perfect if you have enough space, as they last a lot and offer the best visibility with stunning light! Tabletop Vanity Mirrors are ideal if you don’t have a definitive mirror and worry about installation, but they are also great pieces of decoration, full of functionality! I definitely recommend visiting Mirrorank.com for the best vanity mirrors of 2020. You must have one of these, so choose wisely!

Smart Toilets

Forget Asia, these new toilets are trending everywhere. With technology incorporated, they can make life a little bit easier and more eco-friendlier! They have futuristic flushing with sensors and you don’t even have to touch it to flush, saving water and electricity. However, they need power to work so you may want to consider the battery option instead of a wired system. Smart toilets also have fun features like massaging bidet wash, heated seating, foot warmer, remote control, self-deodorizer, and many others! They have taken scrolling through Instagram while sitting on the toilet to a whole new level.

Vessel Bathroom Sink

These trending sinks, besides being a beautiful piece of decoration and bringing elegance to the bathroom, their biggest benefit is their installation. This is the perfect option because they are much easier to install than the traditional ones. They are also perfect for smaller vanities, as you gain a bit more space for a larger mirror or more storage. Are you looking for an affordable, long-lasting, and easy to install sink? If the answer is yes, then vessel bathroom sinks are for you!

Medicine Cabinet

A medicine cabinet is ideal to save small toiletry items such as medicine and accessories that you want to hide, giving the bathroom a cleaner look, free of mess! The choice of the best medicine cabinet is based on the space you have available, the style of your bathroom and the width of your vanity. This item means extra storage to the bathroom, and we girls know that too much bathroom storage does not exist!

Walk-In Shower

When you think of a walk-in shower all that comes up to mind is a beautiful, modern, and futuristic open-space. Not only are they entirely made of glass but their surfaces are smooth, and very easy to clean! The major benefits include the lack of boring and uncomfortable curtains and unattractive doors, and the ability to join luxurious design and great functionality in one product! You only have to worry about the spreading humidity but typically that is a fairly economic and fast-solving problem. Are you interested in adopting these transparent and modern features? I know I am!

Prepare a Bath and Relax!

Bathroom upgrades should always make it more efficient, functional but also more stylish and overall enjoyable. There are some things you should consider first before clicking tha “buy product” button, such as your budget, the space available, and the overall design and vibe you want to adopt. Besides that, I hope I could help you with some trending items, and don’t forget that once you have them, your life will never be the same. Are you ready to improve your bathroom and give it a delicate and chic look or you want to keep your boring area with traditional features? I think it’s a no-brainer! Thanks for reading.


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