How To Be Positive During Smoking Cessation In 5 Steps?

Are you planning to quit smoking for good this time? Are you worried about how smoking cessation will affect your mental health? Well, fret not for you aren’t alone. There are millions of people who are addicted to smoking or nicotine to be precise and want to let go of the habit. No matter how hard they try to quit smoking, it seems like a far fetched reality due to the withdrawal symptoms.

If going through a smoking cessation takes a toll on your mental health, you can try to stay positive with a few easy steps. Read on to know more about keeping yourself positive while you try to quit the nicotine.

Ways to stay positive during smoke cessation:

When it comes to quitting an old habit of years or even decades, you might want to be at your best to go through with it. You need to stay strong and positive during the initial period. While many people opt for Syn Pharma Tablets to help them during the period, others opt for organic ways to stay positive and happy.

Here are a few steps to help you stay determined and calm:

1.       Prepare yourself for the quitting decision:

If you’ve decided to quit your long habit of smoking, the first thing you must do is finalize the D-day. Make sure the date is not too far but not even too close to the present. You must have plenty of days to prepare yourself for the big change. After you have chosen the date, you can either leave smoking abruptly on the date or gradually reduce your nicotine intake till the day comes, and you give it up altogether. Also, try to wrap up most of the stressful tasks and obligations before your transition.

Besides preparing yourself mentally, you can gather a few essentials. It can be oral substitutes like candy, gums, straws, toothpicks, and much more. Use these substitutes along with drinking plenty of water to ensure you stay distracted on the day you actually quit smoking.

2.       Include physical activity in your daily routine:

It goes without saying, but physical activity is the best way to stay positive. If you feel tobacco cravings taking over you, you can indulge in a short physical activity to help you combat it. Even a short walk or going up and down the stairs might make you forget about the cravings.

If you have plenty of time and energy, you can make a workout schedule for yourself. You can try lunges, squats, push-ups, or go for running daily. While leaving the bad habit of smoking, you can replace it with fitness. If not, simply indulge in house chores that you enjoy doing, which will help you stay positive.

3.       Practice relaxing techniques:

Giving up a habit that you enjoyed for years can certainly cause you stress and discomfort. You may feel the craving to start smoking again, just to smoke one cigarette, but resisting the temptations can be quite stressful.

If it is becoming difficult for you to stay calm and happy during smoking cessation, you can try relaxation techniques. Yoga and meditation prove immensely beneficial in taking the edge off and helping you relax. Besides that, you can try a massage or listen to relaxing music to alleviate your stress.

4.       Try nicotine replacement therapy:

Have you tried quitting smoking but failed each time? If yes, then you can consult a doctor and start nicotine replacement therapy or NRT. The dependence of nicotine can be really powerful. Here, NRT can help reduce the cravings and also combat any withdrawal symptoms that you are facing. The methods used in the therapy help you by supplying a controlled dose of nicotine and reduce the exposure to any other chemicals.

Some of the common and approved NRT are:

  • Chewing gum
  • Skin patches
  • Inhaler
  • Nasal spray
  • Lozenges

Make sure you consult a physician once before you begin with the therapy to ditch your nicotine dependence.

5.       Seek support:

Deciding to quit smoking can be a significant change in your lifestyle. You might need some extra help here. You can seek emotional help from your friends and family. Keep your loved ones in the loop by informing them about your decision, discuss your journey and all the milestones. They might act as a source of motivation and help boost your morale.

If you don’t want to rely upon people close to you, you can take the help of support groups where you will be able to share your experience and get advice from professionals.

Final Thoughts:

Smokers are the most loyal when it comes to their habit of smoking. Even the thought of quitting smoking can be daunting for them, let alone actually doing it. Smoking cessation can induce withdrawal symptoms and take a toll on the mood as well. If you are feeling low or stressed after your decision to leave cigarettes, you can adopt the ways mentioned above to keep you afloat.

Quitting smoking can be the best decision you make, so don’t delay it.



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