5 Ways to Take Care of Your Clothes and Make Them Last Longer

5 ways to take care of your clothes

None of us likes our dresses getting worn out before we wear it enough. How bad it is that the dresses we selected, after going through dozens of options and going around several stores, become faded, stretched or torn after a month or less. We will feel worse if it happens to our custom-printed t-shirts   

Gentle Wash 

Delicate dresses need gentle care and wash. It is not advisable to wash the colourful, soft and high-quality dress in a washing machine. Even though washing machines have specific washing selection for delicate dresses. That also can affect the longevity and colour of the dress. The images or slogans on the custom-printed t-shirts may fade due to frequent washing in washing machines. 

 It is better to wash hand wash delicate fabrics (for that matter, any dress, as far as possible). Use a mild detergent, cool/ normal water and rinse it softly. Of course, this may not remove tough stains on your dress. Apply detergent to the area of stain only and rub it gently. So that the custom printing of the t-shirt is not affected. 

Less Washing, More Life

The detergents you use do not differentiate between the colour of the dress and stains. It will remove stains as well as the colour of the dress. Therefore, it is better to delay washing. Most of the dresses may not require regular washing. In fact, jeans and trousers may be worn for about a month without washing. 

 If you are confused about the sweat smell on the fabrics, you may dip it in a good fabric conditioner and let it dry in shade. The fabric conditioner will remove the foul smell from the dress and give a good fragrance. This is an important part to take care of your clothes and make them last longer. 

 They Too Need Air

Don’t stack the dress into the closet or cupboard just after removing. The dresses also need to be aired. This will remove the sweat particles and dust stuck on it during an outing. Once you are back from your office, outing, shopping or a trip, leave the dress hanging at a place with adequate air circulation.

It is proven beyond doubt that the salty precipitation can affect the life of the fabric. The airing will only remove the humidity from the dress. Yet it is far better than packing the dress into the thick stack of clothes in the closet.  

 Iron Care

 Ironing is essential to remove wrinkles from the dress and make them appear fresh and clean. However, you must take care of while ironing the dress. Make sure that the temperature setting on the iron box is set to the respective fabric. Else, it can damage the dress or leave a yellow mark of burning. Delicate fabrics need extra care while ironing. Besides, the images on the custom printed t-shirts can be damaged due to heat. 

At times, it may also happen that the thermostat of the iron box is defective. You may not realise it until you put the iron box on the dress. In turn, damaging the dress. Practice checking the heat on any hard cloth. Perhaps, you can test it on the spread cloth on the ironing table.  

 You may also try using a steamer. By which, you can avoid spreading the dress on the ironing table, changing the position repeatedly to ensure the iron reaches every place and so on. With a steamer, you can iron the cloth on the hanger itself. It is also good for the extended life of the fabric. 

Extra Care for Your Undergarments

Avoid washing undies in the washing machine. Washing those in the washing machine will damage the elastic and affect the colour. It is better to wash the undies by yourself, using mild detergent or shampoo. It may not have much dirt or stains. Hence, a gentle wash will do the needful. Always consider washing the undergarments of the same colour together.  

The elastics of the undergarments may elongate with frequent washing and drying. You should not put extra tensile pressure on the elastics. Try to rotate the undergarments while drying too. This way you can prevent load on a particular point on the undergarment. Thus, ensure better life of the elastics. 

 These are the five basic points to be remembered to take care of your clothes and make them last longer. Practice it to have your favourite dresses to last more than you imagine. 


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