Pearl Jewellery and How It Compliments a Greek Goddess Themed Wedding

Pearl Jewelry and How It Compliments a Greek Goddess Themed Wedding

Planning a wedding can be a time when you can let your personality shine. Many young people dream of the day they will walk down the aisle and celebrate their future with the person they love the most. It can be an amazing time to focus on what makes you a unique individual. No one wants to have a wedding that looks just like someone else’s.

One way to make a wedding a premiere event that speaks to your brilliance is to choose a theme. Once you have an idea to center all of your details around wedding planning becomes easy. An interesting and popular theme is Greek Goddesses.

When you’re looking for a romantic and elegant spin for your impending nuptials choosing a Grecian Goddess theme is certainly an excellent option. With so many fun details to plan you may be wondering what your accent pieces should look like. Have you considered pearl jewelry? As the oldest gemstone in the world pearls are truly timeless.

Perhaps you haven’t yet considered your jewelry, but pearls are a great way to compliment a Greek Goddess wedding theme. If you need some specific ideas then keep reading for a few suggestions on how you can incorporate pearl jewelry into your wedding decor.


Natural pearls are created by an irritant getting inside an oyster. The oyster then protects itself by coating the irritant, which is typically a parasite over the grain of sand you may be thinking of. This coating is called nacre and as it layers up it becomes the pearls you’ve seen in jewelry.

Freshwater pearls take anywhere between one to six years to form. The rarer saltwater pearls take a little longer, between 5 and 20 years. The longer a pearl stays in an oyster the larger the pearl will be.

Don’t fear for the oysters, they need not be killed to retrieve a pearl, making pearls a sustainable practice and gemstone. Choosing pearls for your Greek Goddess wedding will not harm any oysters!

The Dress

Arguably one of the biggest decisions a bride will make for a wedding is the dress. When you’re planning a Grecian themed wedding there are many appropriate dress styles and the majority of these styles flatter any figure. Obviously your comfort is important, with so many of your friends and family’s eyes on you for the entirety of a day.

Lucky for you the flowing styles that suggest the ancient Greek world are certainly comfortable so you will look your best. Aim for finding a dress that makes you feel like Thea, the ancient Greek Goddess of light. When your confidence level is ready to rock your bridal gown you will never forget your wedding day.

There are even dresses on the market that has pearls as accents or buttons for a truly touch of Greek class. When you picture Greece perhaps you envision the brightly colored buildings on remote islands surrounded by turquoise waters. Maybe the acropolis is the image that you conjure up. Either way, pearl jewelry is a fantastic way to help your dress pop!


Necklaces rock pearl jewelry

Is your engagement ring a pearl setting and that is what inspired this theme in the first place? No matter what type of ring you have pearl jewelry will work for you. Pearls and diamonds can work together as both larger accent pieces, these gemstones are actually best friends when it comes to wedding day jewelry.

There’s an old superstition that wearing pearls on your wedding day will represent the tears you’ll shed during your marriage. Do not buy into such a silly idea! Did you know that according to Greek mythology pearls are associated with tears of joy from Aphrodite herself? At your Greek Goddess wedding, you definitely want that to be the story you tell!

If you want to rock pearl jewelry at your wedding don’t let anyone stop you. It’s your day after all. One of the easiest ways to incorporate pearl jewelry into your wedding is by wearing a necklace. A necklace made with freshwater or saltwater pearls is the perfect complement to a Grecian themed wedding.

The neckline and draping of your dress will help you make your necklace decision. Necklaces can be huge statement pieces or dainty and while still beautiful. Whatever you decide for your Greek Goddess wedding will be the right choice for you.


Pearl earrings are a classic choice for weddings. The best news is that you can continue to wear your special jewelry for years to come. Pearls look good with most outfits and your earrings will become an excellent conversation starter. Being able to accept a compliment from others with a “thank you, these are my wedding earrings,” will always bring you joy.

There are pearl earring studs set in ring stamped with Grecian accents if you want to bring your theme directly into your jewelry. Otherwise drop earrings are beautiful, especially if you plan to sport an updo for your wedding day hair.

Hair Pieces

Pearls can help any hair accent piece feel distinctive and unique. A lot of the Greek Goddesses re depicted as having had long loose waves of hair. Whether your intention is to wear your hair up or down you can certainly find some pearls that will add some opulence to your hair.  Another option would be a pearl and olive leaf adorned crown, the true goddess choice.

There are many headbands that work with hair that you intend to wear down, in the more traditional flowing locks style. The delicate pearls shine will catch the light in a beautiful way as you dance the night away. For years to come, you can wear your pearl headband on your anniversary or even more frequently in order to remind you of your wedding day.

If you are planning on a more sophisticated updo, there are many hair combs with pearls that can make your theme translate to your hair. Pear hair combs are available both new and vintage. These can become cherished family heirlooms you can save for your daughter or grand-daughter to wear on her own wedding day. Pearls are timeless.

Wedding Party

Traditionally when you ask a relative or friend to be a member of your wedding party you give them a small token of your appreciation. Bridesmaids, groomsmen, and other attendants have a big job to do in supporting your decision to wed, often there are responsibilities that require time and attention. Between showers and other parties, these friends can put forth a lot of effort.

Pearl jewelry is the perfect attendant gift. Pearl jewelry will be a timeless piece that they can truly wear again. (Because no one really wears their bridesmaids dress again no matter how good your intentions are.) Whether you aim for a pearl pendant, perfect for a sweet little flower girl or a more intricate jewelry design pearls are a great gift idea.

There are even Tahitian black pearl men’s jewelry pieces that evoke a daring mood. Who was more daring than the Greek Goddesses? No one. If you have men in your party who aren’t afraid to rock some pearls then go for it! If you are searching for a more subtle way to add pearls to your men’s side of the aisle go for pearl cufflinks.

Floral Accents and Decor

Just because jewelry is worn by brides and grooms alike doesn’t mean you can’t bring pearls into other aspects of your Greek Goddess wedding. Many couples like to place gems in their bouquet or even use pearl pins to attach a boutonniere.

Pearls will make any table centerpiece look more luxurious at your reception, don’t limit your theme to just what you and your wedding party are wearing when you can pull it all together. A cohesive theme also makes it more memorable.

You might also want to talk to your baker to see if you can find edible pearls to decorate your cake. Or maybe you already have the perfect pearl cake topper. Your dessert table is a great way to carry your theme into your guest’s mind, who doesn’t remember cutting the cake? Pearls are perfect everywhere at a Greek Goddess wedding.


Greek Goddess wedding

No matter if you’ve been dreaming of your Greek Goddess wedding for years or you are still considering contending themes, pearl jewelry is the perfect addition to the theme. When you want to look timeless, beautiful, and Grecian, pearls should be the gemstone of choice for your wedding jewelry.


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