Most Comfortable Women’s Hiking Sandals in 2020

Most Comfortable Women’s Hiking Sandals in 2020

Preparing for a hike can be lots of fun but also a lot of planning. Are you planning a day trip? Several nights? What is the weather going to be like? Do you have the right gear and equipment for a trek that you’ve got planned?

You probably know that having enough food, water, and first aid supplies are of the utmost importance for a hike but don’t underestimate how having great footwear will affect your hike. The shoes, boots or sandals you choose are quite literally the one item that will help protect you and keep you in balance during your hike.

As the weather warms up you may be hesitant to consider a hiking sandal.That’s where comes in. They have a fantastic selection of women’s comfortable walking and hiking sandals. Can they really keep up with you as well as the traditional hiking boots? What benefits do they actually offer? Well as you’re looking at different hiking sandals you can be sure you’re getting the most comfortable options when you read through these tips.

How Do They Fit?

No matter what option you look for to cover your feet for a hike the most important factor should be whether or not they fit well. This is one place where you do not want to skimp or think that a small problem will just be okay.

If your shoe is too big or too small it can cause disaster during your hike. Blisters are formed when a foot is suffering friction. The human body creates a blister, small fluid-filled bubbles, in order to protect the skin. A blister is a warning sign that your shoes do not fit properly. Do not be at the wrath of a blister, and make sure you have proper fitting footwear.

Hiking sandals are the durable solution for the perfect hike since they will allow your feet to breathe. Wet, sweaty feet are more prone to friction, aka blisters! You can make sure your hiking sandals are the correct fit by sizing your feet and buying the correct size.

Did you know that over time human’s feet can change sizes? For women, pregnancy can make your shoe size increase, both in length and width. Plus, as you age your natural foot arch is more susceptible to dropping, making your shoe size increase. Don’t purchase sandals without first measuring your feet. Double-checking you’re getting the right size is never a waste of time.

Are Sandals RIght For Your Hike?

Are Sandals RIght For Your Hike

If you’re planning to climb Mt. Everest then choosing hiking sandals is not a practical option but there are more than enough hikes that a great quality hiking sandal is right for. If you are planning a tropical vacation for instance, then supportive footwear is the best bet.

Even if you’re staying local, with shorter hikes in your own area a hiking sandal may prove to be a perfect choice. Hiking sandals are stylish enough to dress up for a night on the town but the thick sole with excellent tread can protect your feet from rocks that may be slippery. Why buy two pairs of shoes when one can do the trick?

Hiking sandals are often preferred by summer camp counselors and people in positions where they spend a lot of time outside during the warmer months but they need a versatile shoe. Because hiking sandals can handle excess moisture, they are the perfect option when you’re looking for something that you can wear running, hiking or right after a swim.

Sandals are perfect for hikes of any length because they are so lightweight. Perhaps you haven’t given much consideration to the weight of your hiking shoes but you should. Any excess weight, whether on your feet or in your pack will use more of your energy.

Why work harder with heavy hiking boots to get you to your destination of choice when you could rock your hiking sandals and use significantly less energy to get there? Sandals are popular for a reason, in the heat of the summer, heavy shoes just aren’t as comfortable or convenient no matter what terrain you will be traveling.

Arch Support

Many fashionable sandal options look adorable but they don’t offer much in the way of arch support. You’ve probably heard about arch support before but maybe you haven’t given it much thought. Could supporting the middle of your foot really improve your balance and comfort? Proper arch support is vital for the best fitting sandal.

Arch support is important for overall foot health, fallen arches are painful! Proper arch support will offer the benefit of evenly distributing the pressure across your whole foot. If you’ve ever spent a few hours in high heels then you probably already realize how having your whole foot supporting your weight can be helpful.

Hiking sandals feature great arch support, making them the perfect summer footwear option both for daily use and time spent on a hiking path. When you experience the difference between cheap flip flops and a quality hiking sandal you won’t believe you ever settled for sandals with no arch support.


Did you know that sandals are actually the most versatile solution for long hikes? When your hiking path intersects with a stream, many hikers find themselves going barefoot and carrying their boots or athletic shoes across. But when you’re set up with hiking sandals you can just keep hiking, no need to pause to change your shoes.

Hiking sandals may need to be wiped down a bit after a water crossing so you aren’t sloshing around for a long time, but they will otherwise dry quickly. Plus they will allow your feet to breathe throughout your hike. No more worrying about sweaty socks and stinky shoes!

Have you ever been walking along and wound up with a pebble or small twig that inexplicably ends up in your shoe? Those little nuisances can cause a lot of discomfort. But another benefit of a hiking sandal is that any debris that gets caught in your shoe is easily removed without the need to take off your shoes or stop and rest.


great option of sandals

When you are looking for a great option of sandals that will showcase both your love of hiking in the great outdoors and your pedicure, then a pair of comfortable hiking sandals are the way to go. You can’t beat a supportive pair of sandals that fit perfectly, so grab a pair of hiking sandals and enjoy your summer!


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