16 mistakes to not commit while stitching your bridal blouse

Bridal blouse mistakes

As the wedding season nears, would-be brides are engrossed into getting the best bridal attire ready for themselves. Your bridal blouse design is one of the most important aspects of your bridal attire. No matter you wear a saree or lehenga, your bridal blouse is enough to take your fashion game to the next level. Here are the top 16 mistakes that you should never commit before getting your bridal outfit stitched.

 1. Don’t ignore the fabric

Before you choose the fabric for your bridal blouse design, keep in mind the weather or climatic conditions of your wedding day. You definitely will not want to wear heavy fabric in summer or light shimmery fabrics in winter.

2. Keep enough margins

Stitching a blouse design is relatively the toughest job that a tailor or designer faces. Once it is stitched, altering the same becomes difficult. This is why we advise you to leave at least 2-3 inches of margin within your blouse, just in case you put on slight weight before your wedding.

3. Say yes to Cups

Your wedding day is of utmost importance and you have so many things to do. You definitely don’t want your bra strap to show or an ill-fitted bra to constantly distract you from performing the wedding rituals. Always opt for blouse designs stitched with cups so that you don’t need to worry about the undergarments.

4.Button V/s Zipper

The zipper stays easily concealed, also there are high chances of malfunctioning or breaking of your zipper amidst the chaos. Now, that is absolutely unwanted. Thus, the smart thing to do is to put a zipper in a blouse design that is not very light so that the zipper isn’t pulled too much.

5. Correct lingerie during measurements

An incorrect bra will be of no use. An incorrect bra will give wrong measurements, messing up the fittings. Always wear a bra which fits you perfectly, also let your tailor know that you’re wearing a bra with pads while he/she takes your measurements so that they can do their calculations.

6. Pay attention to the neckline

Not only the bridal blouse but you should also pay attention to the wedding jewellery that you’ll be wearing your bridal blouse. If you are wearing a choker, a high neckline blouse design will absolutely not do.

7. Swatch right

It is very important to swatch your blouse correctly. If you are not getting the blouse from the saree or from where you brought the lehenga, you can at least get the colour of your blouse right. The blouse design is obviously important but if the colour is off, it will come across as two different pieces.

8. Embroidery Issues

An embroidered blouse design will tease you from the inside in case you don’t have a lining. So if you are planning to get any extra work done along with your blouse it ought to get stitched with a lining inside. Make sure you convey the same to your tailor.

9. Last trial

Make sure to give a last and final trial to your bridal blouse at least 2-3 weeks before your wedding so that you get the adjustments done in time. All your bridal blouse fittings are going to turn out perfect if you get your stitchings done within this timeline.

10. No adjustments during your periods

When we are on our periods, most of us tend to get bloated which affects our measurements especially our bust line. Thus, it is always safe to not go for any measurements or adjustments when you are on your periods or prior to that.

11. The length of your sleeves

The length of your sleeves can create all the difference for your bridal blouse designs. A 3/4the sleeve blouse with numerous bangles along with the Mehendi is going to make your arms look congested. Thus, it is important to decide the length of your sleeves.

12. Spare your arms

This is a very common mistake which most of you tend to commit. When getting your blouse stitched inform your tailor to leave no embroidery under your arms this would mess up once you start sweating. You definitely don’t want any sort of irritation while walking below the ‘phoolon ka chadar’.

13. Too many tassels is a big no-no

If you’re wearing a heavy necklace that has a tassel, the dori at the back of your blouse design. Just imagine multiple doris hanging at your back all in multiple sizes and shapes. This surely won’t look good.

 14. Avoid sequins with lighter fabrics

Avoid chiffon or crepe dupatta if you are wearing a blouse filled with sequins or embroidery. The heavy work on the blouse will pull the threads from your saree or blouse and spoil it. You can choose a heavy material blouse design like a chanderi, brocade or kanjeevaram blouse to get the glamour without causing any harm.

15. Front open blouse? Nope!

The fastenings in the front are bound to be revealed, no matter you wear a lehenga or a saree. The front-open option should be availed only if you’re wearing a jacket.

16. Padded blouse

A padded blouse will give you perfect shape and hold your blouse in place only if they are in the correct place. Make sure the positioning of the pads is right and they are of the right thickness-not too thick nor too thin


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