Why You Should Invest In The Zorro Facial Steamer For Skincare

Facial Steamer For Skincare

Zorro nano ionic steamer is a product of Cocconby that has revolutionized the way we practice facial steaming. Before the availability of this device, we used to sit in front of a boiling point of water and expose our face to the steam. Although this is an efficient way of facial steaming, it could be dangerous as we do not hold the temperature controls in our hand.

Zorro facial steamer comes with a controllable temperature setting, and its mouth is angled in a way to divert the steam onto your face flawlessly. Below is the list of a few benefits that the Zorro facial steamer holds for your skin.

Zorro Facial Steamer For Skin/Pore Cleansing

Blackhead Removal

Zorro is an excellent blackhead removal tool. As you steam your face, it opens up the facial pores that are clogged with dead skin cells, sebum, dirt and other debris that form a blackhead and lets them ooze out of the skin. By allowing these foreign objects to get free from being trapped beneath the surface of the skin, this portable steamer also acts as a blackhead removal tool.

For more deep-rooted blackheads, after loosening the pores using the portable facial steamer, you can use a device such as a comedo suction for easier removal of those blackheads.

Most blackhead removal tools forcefully remove blackheads. The facial skin is delicate and forcibly removing blackheads could leave scars and wound marks. Facial steaming is a better blackhead removal tool as it is a gentle process.

Subdues Acne-Causing Agents

Fighting bacteria

Steaming helps in keeping bacteria and dead skin cells away from your face, which are the two primary reasons for acne. The warmth of the steam is hot enough to kill all forms of bacteria, preventing them from causing irritating acne.

Cleansing your pores of dead skin cells

Dead skin cells often get trapped within the skin, leading to the formation of acne. As you steam, your body perspires due to the warmth. As the sweat flows out of your skin, it carries with it the dead skin cells that are trapped within your pores along with debris, providing you with deeper pore cleansing.

Zorro Facial Steamer For Improving The Health Of The Skin

Zorro Facial Steamer For Improving The Health Of The Skin

Promotes Circulation

The warmth from the portable steamer promotes the circulation of the body fluids. A boost in circulation means that the skin can receive additional oxygen and nutrients. An increase in oxygen and nutrients lead to repair and rejuvenation of the skin. This is the primary reason for glowing skin after a steaming session.

Hydrates The Skin

Many have the misconception that when steaming, your skin starts to dry, similar to when we take a hot water bath.

The heat from the steam, as it touches your face triggers the body to produce sebum. Sebum is a natural oil that is beneficial to the face. This natural oil aids with keeping the face hydrated.

Promotes Production Of Collagen And Elastin

Collagen and elastin are incredibly beneficial proteins that promote, improve the health of your skin. Elastin and collagen keep your skin tight and wrinkle-free.

Collagen aids with the repair of the skin. A boost in collagen production means that your skin will look bright and youthful.

Elastin is a protein that helps with the elasticity of the skin. Flexible and supple skin is less likely to get cuts. These two proteins play a significant role in keeping the skin smooth and supple.

Improves Retention To Other Topical Products

Your skin is more receptive to topical products such as moisturizers when it is in an exfoliated state. Steaming is a great way to exfoliate your skin as it opens the pores and allows topical products to penetrate the skin easily. If you are planning on using any creams or moisturizers, do a quick steaming session to get the most bang for your buck.

Improves Retention To Other Topical Products


Having a Zorro facial steamer allows you to treat the skin at a Spa level, in the comfort of your home. The Zorro facial steamer will make for a great addition to your beauty care devices. The ergonomic, compact design of the Zorro facial steamer allows for easy carry-on, providing you with skincare anywhere you go.


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