Things to Keep in Mind while Buying Orchids

orchid flowers

When it comes to room décor and aesthetics, nothing can beat the eye-catching beauty of fresh orchids. You might think that it is very easy to buy orchids but picking the right one can be tricky. Most people go for blooming orchids as they look a lot prettier and add up to the beauty of one’s space. However, it might not be the best thing to do. Orchids, while flowering, use up a lot of energy and this can also lead to their untimely death. You need to be careful while picking an orchid plant or ordering one for Valentine’s Day flower delivery.

If you want to buy fresh orchids, make sure to bring home the healthy ones. You can ensure this by keeping certain things in mind while making your orchid purchase:

The Roots

Undoubtedly, the most essential part of a plant is its roots. Orchids use their roots for photosynthesis as well as for collecting water rapidly. If you are not sure if the orchid you are planning to buy has healthy roots, look at the colour. Orchid’s roots that are dark green in moisture and light green in dryness are healthy. The roots should have a shiny, pointed green tip. Longer tips make for healthier plants.

The Leaves

Examining the leaves of an orchid plant can be a bit difficult since the leaves vary from orchid to orchid. While some come in flat and fleshy leaves, others have the thing, narrow leaves. To put it in a general way, look for hard, lightly coloured leaves which are thick in texture. Orchids that are overfed often have shiny green leaves and you must avoid them. These do not blossom properly. Make sure that the leaves don’t carry mushy sots, blemishes or are attacked by bugs.

The Storage

Storage and transportation temperature are an important factor to consider while buying orchids. A temperature of 12 to 16 °C is recommended for storing the plants. Low temperatures often cause cold damage which ultimately results in dark patches over the plant leaves. Also, check the ripeness of the plant especially during the colder months. Orchids that are not properly ripened face problems in developing during winters due to less sunlight.

The Flowers

If you want to buy a flowering orchid, count its blooms. Plants with blooms that are completely opened may look pretty but you must not buy them. The orchid blooms would last barely for a month or two; however, buying an orchid with blooms that are yet to open will live for a much longer time. In any case, do not buy orchids with shrivelled or yellow blooms since they often fall off.

The Name

No matter how unimportant it sounds, you must know the name of your orchid. By name, we do not mean the name that you would give it later. Buy an orchid that has a tag which mentions its hybrid name, full species, and other such details. Do not just go for a pot that reads ‘Flowering Orchid’ or simply, ‘Orchid’. Acquiring information about the details of your plant will help you in knowing your orchid better and you can even build a collection.

Other Important Tips

Here are some more important points that you must keep in mind while buying your fresh orchids:

  • Make a proper inspection to ensure that your plant is not attacked by diseases and pets. Flowers often get damaged by Botrytis, a grey mouldy fungus which totally destroys the decorative factor of the flowers.
  • If you are buying a sympodial orchid, ensure that its pseudobulbs are all fat and plumb. This would mean they are fresh.
  • Cut the edges of the leaves if you see them damaged due to improper storage or transportation. Flawed foliage is often the result of mechanical damage in the greenhouses.

orchid plants

These were some of the things to consider when you are going to buy a fresh orchid plant for your space. Online flower delivery in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi and various big cities of India has now become incredibly easy and convenient. So what are you waiting for? Bring home the beautiful orchids and give your space a gorgeous makeover instantly.



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