Explained: The Pros & Cons Of Different Blackhead Treatment Methods

Explained the pros and cons of different blackhead treatment methods

Skin care, as a whole, finds itself in a curious state of affairs. Driven by the developments in modern technology, an abundance of cures, solution and treatment methods are available to people across all levels of society.

While the change is undoubtedly a positive one, it is also a sudden difference from the start of the millennium, when skin care products, tools and devices were not available quite as easily to those who needed them!

The more the merrier, goes a saying but at the same time, having too many options to choose from can leave people befuddled and unsure about the methods and products that suit them the most. This is further complicated by the fact that everyone’s skin is unique and different skin types require different treatments!

Blackhead solutions are no different. Blackheads themselves are one of the more confounding skin conditions. These pesky black spots are rarely painful and usually do not cause any sensation at all yet are notoriously difficult to get rid of. Their appearance is completely random and doesn’t seem to follow any pattern. Despite their sudden occurrence, they can be irritatingly persistent and even increase in size and firmness if left untreated rather than conveniently disappearing.

There was a point of time when people weren’t sure why blackheads occurred and what had to be done to get rid of them! Today, we know that blackheads are clogged pores and hair follicles that are blocked by natural oil secreted by the body’s sebaceous glands, mixed with dead skin cells. There is also a significantly larger variety of treatments available. 

 To make things easier for you and to clear the confusion surrounding the treatment of blackheads, we’ve compiled together the most popular and common blackhead solutions, as well as the biggest benefits and drawbacks of each method!

Facial Steaming

Steaming is an age old and most popular cure for blackheads and very simple to practice! Today, one can purchase facial steamer machines that make the process even more convenient but honestly, a pot of hot water and a towel to cover your head does the trick as well!

Pros: This 100% natural method really works! The heat from the steam clears up pores and dislodges solidified oil and cells, making it much easier to clean your skin. Steam inhalation is also excellent for overall health and well-being as it makes skin clearer and improves respiration.

Cons: The benefits are slightly limited from a standalone viewpoint. Facial steaming works best as a foundation. Exfoliating your skin right after steaming it gives you significantly better results as opposed to just doing facial steaming by itself. All in all, facial steaming is a process that makes getting rid of blackheads easier through other processes.

facial streaming


A golden rule of skincare, amongst others, is to avoid scrubbing and exfoliating acne, pimples and boils, as the inflammation can lead to scarring, bleeding and risk of infection. While blackheads are a tiny form of acne, the main difference is that there is no significant inflammation, which means they do not get aggravated by exfoliation.

Pros: Exfoliation is extremely effective in getting rid of layers of dead skin cells, which are one of the main causes for blackheads. Regularly exfoliating skin also helps remove some of the excess oil. Considering the fact that people with oily skin are more likely to have blackheads, it is a recommended technique for people whose skin falls under the moderately to extremely oily category.

Cons: While exfoliation does help get rid of blackheads, it is more of a preventive measure and isn’t quite as highly effective for existing skin conditions. Exfoliation must also be done more regularly than some of the other blackhead solutions. If you have pimples, boils and acne in the near vicinity of blackheads, using this method becomes much more difficult.


Blackhead Suction Treatment

One of the latest and more modern blackhead treatments is the use of comed suction tools. These devices get their name from the tiny black bump that forms the main part of a blackhead, called a comedo. As the term indicates, these non-invasive devices work like a vacuum and do not penetrate the skin surface!

Pros: Unmatched convenience and effectiveness. Blackhead remover devices are painless, quick and usually remove existing blackheads within a couple of sessions at most. They are the complete skin care tool and also reduce blackhead frequency and prevent them from returning in the near future. The advantages of these machines extend beyond blackhead removal, as they also improve skin tone, clarity, texture and reduce wrinkling.

Cons: In rare cases, these devices don’t work as well on certain skin types and tones. The sensation of a pore suction tool can take a couple of sessions to get used to, as does learning how to use them.

Natural Face Masks

Is there anything as relaxing as refreshing as a luscious and luxuriant face mask? The ultimate self-care product, natural face masks can be purchased or easily made at home within minutes, using a host of natural ingredients ranging from strawberries to coconuts!

For oily skin and blackheads, we recommend using face masks containing fruits that contain high levels of citrus, such as oranges, lemons and limes. Green tea is another natural plant that is terrific for extracting excess oil from the skin.

Pros: Face masks are wonderful overall well-being and a 100% natural way to unwind, relax and rejuvenate, physically and mentally. When used for removing blackheads, they also improve overall skin quality – tone, texture, firmness, glow and clarity. By extracting oil from the skin, they also work equally well on other minor skin conditions.

Cons: Face masks aren’t the quickest method when it comes to results. They will get the job done eventually but it requires you to sit back and relax. If you’re looking for short-term, instant results, this treatment method won’t give you what you need.

Natural Face Masks


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