4 Mistakes Everyone Makes while using a Face Vacuum for Blackheads

Face Vacuum for Blackheads

Are you tired of going to the salon to get your blackheads removed? Anyone would be, it’s a horrible experience that you have to go through, also, it’s not like that the blackheads won’t come back after you get them removed. They’ll sprout up as soon as you mess up your skincare routine. So, is it worth getting tortured at the spa with a spiny steel needle and paying for money for it?

No! You can buy a blackhead extractor suction tool and painlessly get rid of blackheads at home. These facial pore cleaner vacuums are a hit on social media and you will see some beauty influencer or the other trying out a pore vacuum on their face. The reason why these blackhead remover suction devices are so popular is that they work!  You will fall in love as you see the gunk in your pores getting sucked away right in front of your eyes.

However, most people get disappointed after buying pore vacuums because they can’t see the same results that had been advertised. That is because there is a slight technique for removing blackheads with a facial pore cleaner vacuum, just like you can’t start playing a musical instrument just by buying it, similarly, it’ll take you a few hit and trials to figure out the best way to work the pore vacuum on your face. Let’s check out some common mistakes that people make when they’re just getting started with blackhead remover suction devices and pointers on how to correct them.

Common mistakes to avoid while using a face vacuum for blackheads 

1.Selecting the wrong attachment of your face vacuum  

People generally choose the first attachment they see without giving much thought to it. The various nozzles and attachments that come with the face vacuum are for different kinds of blackheads and blemishes.

To effectively get rid of blackheads you should first start by examining your face thoroughly (a magnifying mirror works great) to identify the blackhead and then you can choose the right nozzle to suck it out.

  • Use the smaller nozzles to precisely suck out pin-sized whiteheads and spots. For cystic clusters, bigger blackheads and clogs, use the larger nozzles.
  • If your model comes with just a single, universal size nozzle then that’s okay too. You’ll just need to use it over the same area more than once to get the same results. However, it is recommended that you buy one that comes with various attachments.

2. Not steaming the face before using the face vacuum for blackheads

Steaming your face will help the pores of your skin to relax and open, clearing dirt and dead skin inside. You should steam your face for at least ten minutes before you use the pore vacuum.

The face continuously secretes sebum, a kind of oil which is the body’s natural way to keep your face moisturized and this sebum mixed with dead skin gets lodged into the pores of your face. These blocked pores are cesspools of acne-causing bacteria and are also the sole cause of blackheads and whiteheads. Steam also softens the blackheads and whiteheads, making it easier to get rid of them with the face vacuum.

3.Weak suction due to wrong nozzle placement

For the facial blackhead extraction tool to work, you’ll have to form a secure seal around the blackhead to create suction.

Here’s the correct way to place the nozzle for strong suction.

  • Place the nozzle on the blackhead so that it’s completely enclosed by the nozzle.
  • Remember to hold the vacuum pore extractor perpendicular to the skin.
  • Try to focus on one blackhead at a time.
  • When working the contours of your nose or cheekbones, try to find the right angle.

4. Buying cheap knockoff face vacuums

Pore vacuums have gone viral on social media and like every product that has ever gone viral, they’re being mass-produced by thousands of manufacturers around the world.

You can find face vacuums ranging from $15-$200. Obviously yes, the ones on the expensive side of the spectrum do work flawlessly and have all the attachments for different types of skins. That is why these are more suited for spas and more professional establishments to help them cater to different people. For personal use, you can easily go with a mid-range model, if you’ve followed step 1 then you know what kind of skin you have and can choose a mid-range face vacuum which comes with attachments for your skin type.

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