Which Eyelash Extension is best for you: Classic, Hybrid or Volume?

Which Eyelash Extension is best for you Classic Hybrid or Volume

As a customer, you just can’t go to the salon and get eyelashes done. You must know about eyelash extensions, its types, the difference between the types of eyelashes and which one is better? Likewise, you don’t go to the shop and buy a moisturiser because you saw an advert on TV. It is a skincare product, after all. You just can’t use a random product on your skin. You will search for another moisturiser in the market and choose which suits your skin type. The same formula goes for eyelash extension procedure.

To know what exactly you want from eyelash extension is difficult. And it is even harder to know what happens during lashes are done. When you visit the salon, the technician usually asks about the type, style, curl, and how thick and long eyelashes you want. In this blog post, we will help you to get yourself prepared for the eyelash extension process. There are different terminologies used which you must aware of.  There are different types of eyelash extension which are different in look. We will explain the different types of lash extensions and the difference between them.

Let’s dive in!

What is Classic Eyelash Extension?

Classic eyelash extension offers a different look to the eyes. You can get long luscious eyelashes. They do not contribute to the volume of the eyelashes. Classic eyelash offers a lash line which opens the eyes. The time you woke up to the time you sleep. It will make you look fresh and beautiful. It will give a natural look to the eyes. Suppose, you have thick natural lashes. But, you want a well-defined curl and an added length. The classic extension is the right choice for you. The classic extension gives the mascara look to the eyelashes.

There are two types of people who should opt for Classic Eyelash Extension:

  1. People who want length
  2. People who have a lot of natural thick lashes

What is Hybrid Eyelash Extension

 Here, you will get volume and desired texture to the eyelashes. You always wonder how these Hollywood actresses look young, fresh and beautiful all the time. Hybrid eyelash extension is the answer. Kardashians make Hybrid eyelash extensions popular among all the young women. In hybrid eyelashes, lash lune is soft, spikey and broken. It is a mix of both classic and volume lashes.

What is Volume Eyelash Extension?

 It is the most natural look of eyelashes you can ever have. It adds volume and length to the lashes. Volume eyelash extension gives you a fully dramatic and natural look. You can add 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D volume to the eyelash. You can go above 5D but it will look unreal and unnatural look. 2D lashes look similar like classic lashes. The only difference is in the volume.

Types of people who should opt for Volume Eyelash Extension:

  1. People who have fewer eyelashes
  2. People who want to fill the gaps in the lash line
  3. People who are less concerned with length but wants a thicker and fuller lashes

Difference between Classic, Hybrid and Volume Eyelash Extension

Ration: Classic lashes have 1:1 ration, hybrid opt for thirty per cent classic and seventy per cent volume eyelashes whereas volume occurs between 1:2 to 1:10.

Price: Classic eyelashes are low in cost and quite affordable. Hybrid is also pocket friendly. But Volume eyelash takes much time and needs extra efforts and skills. It is a bit costly procedure.

Durability: Classic lashes do not last long. They need refills and proper maintenance. If not, they will break or fall out.

Difference between the diameter of Classic Volume and Hybrid Eyelashes: 

The diameter of the classic eyelash extension ranges from 0.1 millimetres to 0.15 millimetre. Hybrid eyelash extension has a diameter range from 0.03mm to 0.07mm. Volume lashes include 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D eyelashes look.

Aftercare Tips:

  1. Avoid the use of oil-based skin care products
  2. Keep the lashes dry for 24 hrs after getting the procedure done
  3. Avoid the use of mascara

Still, confused? Don’t know what look you should prefer? Well, it totally depends on the type of look you need for your lashes. Let’s make it easier for you. You can choose classic eyelash extension if you are naturally gifted with thick lashes. You can go for hybrid lashes if you want long and thick eyelashes. You can get volume eyelash extension to give an extra volume to the eyelashes. If you love to wear fake lashes for work, parties or wherever you go – we’ll suggest you go for volume eyelash extension. That will be your perfect choice.

Now only you can decide which look you will prefer. If you are still not coming to the conclusion, you can take the help of the technician. Tell them your needs and type of look you want and he will guide you for the same.


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