Everything You Need To Know About Lace Front Wigs

Everything You Need To Know About Lace Front Wigs

Lace Front Wigs have been gaining popularity lately. Safe to say that they are worth the hype. So if you ever wondered what a lace front wig is or why you should choose to buy them then here are answers to all of your questions.

If you were to ask a decade ago about Lace Front Wigs then only Hollywood used to use them for the actress. But slowly even actresses realized that it is easier to use these wigs rather than constantly styling their natural hair and damaging them. Now, as you can already tell, wigs are used by every other woman to give them their dream hair in no time. Why should one damage their own hair when you have a readily available alternative, right?

Mostly asked question is why should I go for Lace Front Wigs? Then here is a breakdown of the Wigs in terms of versatility, advantages, and disadvantages one might face while using this type of wig:


The Lace Front Wigs are said to be the most versatile in nature as compared to other types of wigs.

It is easier to be used and is perfect for the people who just started wearing wigs and looking for a go-to wig suggestion. So if you are a beginner and confused about which wig to use then this has got to be the one. You can and should go for this type of wigs.


Do you live in a hot climate and the wig is causing a lot of heat and you don’t know what to do about it? Well, chances are you are using the wrong wig. Try Lace Front Wigs as they are way more comfortable in the hot weather.

The reason is pretty simple as there is a larger ratio of mesh part on the lace front as opposed to other wigs. Hence, it is easier for the scalp to breathe properly.


The only disadvantage that I see when it comes to using a Lace Front Wigs is the fact that you cannot do any hairstyles that expose the nape of your neck. The part of the wig that lays on top of the nape of your neck is the part that has the net section. Hence, the net will be exposed.

So you cannot really do high-pony, high bun or any hairstyle that exposes the nape of your neck in any manner.

Tips While Using Lace Front Wigs

While cutting the front mesh make sure that you don’t cut the baby hair at the front. These baby hair makes the wig look a little bit more natural.

Another tip would be that you can do hairstyles that don’t expose the nape like a low pony or classic low bun, etc.

We hope that now the concept of Lace Front Wigs must be pretty much clear. It is the most loved hair product for years in the Wigs industry as this is pretty easy to use and has many other advantages. The pros are definitely more than the cons so that pretty much sums it up why you should buy Lace Front Wigs.


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