Caring For Your Lips Naturally – 8 Easy Tips

Caring for Your Lips Naturally - 8 Easy Tips

Caring for your lips is just as critical as managing the rest of your skin. Many people are unaware that your lips’ skin is thinner and more sensitive than the rest of the skin on your face, and as a result, it requires extra care to look healthy and hydrated.

Lips don’t have their oil glands like the rest of the face do, and they don’t create natural sun filtering melanin either. This means they have no protection of their own, so it’s up to us to add that extra layer and keep lips looking young and fresh.

While the idea of lip care beyond applying the occasional chapstick might seem foreign to some, once you build it into your daily skincare routine, much like washing your face, it will become second nature. Getting lip fillers in Bromley is undoubtedly one natural option for plump, full-looking lips, but before you decide to go that route, here are eight easy tips to help you get started on your journey to luscious lips!

1.Avoid Touching Them

The skin on our lips is infinitely more sensitive than that on our hands, and while we spend lots of time hand washing these days, we don’t clean our lips as frequently.

Since they don’t have any protection layer, touching your lips immediately exposes them to whatever bacteria is on your hands. This exposure also applies to kissing, so be cautious and never kiss someone with open cold sores on their lips because they are extremely contagious.

You should also avoid licking your lips. Even though this might feel like a moment of relief when they are dry, it dries them out more once the saliva evaporates.

2.Eat Healthily 

You are what you eat, or so they say. When it comes to your skin, this sentiment is true. Our diet and nutritional intake are among the most significant factors in our dermatological health, and our lips are no exception. For healthy lips, you need to maintain a healthy, balanced diet.

3.Make Sure You’re Always Hydrated 

When it comes to the skin anywhere on your body, the most common cause of dryness is dehydration. Ensure you’re drinking eight glasses of water daily to benefit your entire body and make your lips look healthy and full.

4.Don’t Wear Makeup Overnight 

Everyone knows it’s not good for your skin to leave makeup overnight because it clogs your pores. Your lips are no exception to this rule, so use a makeup removing wipe or wet cloth to gently cleanse your lips before bed. Even if you haven’t worn lipstick during the day, it’s a good idea to clean the day’s grime off them.

5.Hydrate Lips While You Sleep 

It’s easy for lips to become dry while sleeping because your mouth is often open and moist air is blowing over your lips. Over several hours this can dehydrate the sensitive skin, which is why it’s best to apply a hydrating lip balm or even moisturise them with aloe vera gel before going to sleep.

If you’re noticing an on-going issue of mainly dry lips, first thing in the morning to consider is running a humidifier in your room while you sleep for extra moisture.

6.Try Lip Scrub 

A lip scrub is a fantastic way to care for your lips by exfoliating the dead skin off and locking in moisture at the same time. Scrubbing off the dead skin on the lips can prevent infection, and it is excellent for those who love natural skincare because it’s easy to make your lip scrub using natural ingredients.

7.Treat Yourself to a Lip Massage

Another way to improve the circulation in your lips is to massage them for five minutes a day. For moisture, use coconut oil to soothe your delicate pout. Of course, you should always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before massaging your lips and be sure to moisturise them after.

8.Stock Up on Lip Balm & Lipstick 

Dry lips happen anytime, anywhere, and preparing is essential, so you’re not tempted to wet your lips for temporary relief, making matters worse. For this reason, it’s a good idea to invest in multiple lip balms for your various purses, backpacks, and workspaces. Keep one in your car, beside your bed, and on your desk. Lip balm is one thing you never want to be left without.

 Since your lips have no natural protection, it’s a great idea to apply a layer of lipstick to them when you go out for the day, so there’s something between your lip skin and the outside world. Wearing lipstick also means you’re more likely to remember to wipe your lips off at the end of the night before bed.

If you’re heading out into the sun for the day, a balm with a suitable SPF might be a smarter choice.

Final Thoughts

Your lips are a noticeable part of your physique because we naturally want to look at a person’s lips when they speak to us. It’s essential aesthetically and for health reasons to take good care of the delicate skin on this part of the face. Start with these easy tips and stay committed as it takes a little bit of time to benefit from the results. Lip care is the new self-care, so don’t skimp out on treating yourself right.


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