11 Natural Skincare Routine and Food That’ll Enhance and Detox the Body Before Wedding

A day in every girl’s life which is a turning point and brings along a bundle of joy and a basket full of adventures and thrills. A time when she needs to look her best and shine like a star under the sky making all the angels above gush on her beauty and bless her immensely.

Yes, it’s the wedding time, a time when not only the bride-to-be but everyone around her is grooming themselves for the D-day and making all their best efforts to make the D-Day a talk-of-the-town success. But, in between these preparations, it’s the bride-to-be whose mind is constantly knocking her insights to look as fresh as possible on her THE MOST special day of life.

During all the hustle-bustle of selecting a perfect venue for the wedding a perfect pre-wedding studio in Delhi or pre-wedding studio in Gurgaon or in any other corner of the city, both would-be bride and groom along with others in family exhaust themselves to no extent.

A time when the bride and groom hop from one studio to another looking for a perfect pre-wedding video shoot in Delhi, they forget to look after their health and skin which is their trump card for the wedding day’s success.

Therefore, at a time when the studio guys along with would-be bride and groom are in either search for or busy posing at different photoshoot locations in Gurgaon or Delhi, the bride must give time for detoxification and on the diet, she takes during this time.

Detoxification is a natural way of kicking-out all the impurities of the body which obstructs the real beauty of the skin to outshine. Therefore, these ELEVEN natural skincare products and food will help in detoxifying and enhancing the beauty of the bride.

1. Time to say GoodBye to the Junk Food

junk food

To open the doors of the detox diet, it is necessary to hang a ‘no entry’ board for the junk food. For those who think that coffee and alcohol are not a part of junk food, it’s time to break this news to them that these two also need to make an exit from your diet if you want to enter the detox diet.

2. Keep your body hydrated in the right way

The basic technique of detoxification is hydrating your body. One should have enough fluid intake in the form of water, lemon water, fresh juices, adding a lot of green veggies in your diet and sticking to JUST green tea.

3. Gobble the correct detox diet food

Including the right choice of food is very important while following a detox diet and routine. There is certain food that’ll do wonders to your body with their natural benefits like Fresh fruits, whole grains(wheat, jowar, etc), green leafy vegetables, Lemons and many more such kinds of food items.

4. Cleanse, tone and moisturize

Every skincare routine starts with proper cleansing, toning, and moisturizing of the skin. Anyday dry flaky skin can give anyone nightmares and use piles of make-up palates to give that cakey make-up look. Therefore, before the season plays it’s game on your skin, make sure you have correct products to cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin.

5. Time to control the frizziness of the hair

Every girl’s biggest struggle is to maintain their hair. The battle with hair fall and frizz is endless and at times makes us give-up the battle. Therefore, before the wedding day change your shampoo brand to something more ayurvedic and take spa visits to win this battle of hair fall and frizziness.

6. Opt for all-natural products

It’s time to give rest to your skin from those chemicals and toxins that many brands have in their products. Natural products are made all harmless ingredients that don’t harm your skin or hairs, hence maintaining it’s natural health and beauty. Natural products too play a pivotal role in detoxification of your body.

7. Follow a tight skincare routine

Trust us, unlike humans,  human skin loves to follow a routine. Therefore, it is very important to follow a nightly routine to bring back that glow on your skin. Make a habit of including some habits in your routine that’ll keep the balance of your skin and hair. Like ALWAYS  comb your hair before calling it a day, use a wooden comb instead of the regular one, apply some herbal hair tonic, a herbal face mud- mask and things similar to these.

8. Time to stop flaunting your weight loss

In an attempt to fit into the designer dress a girl chooses for the wedding day, they hit a gym or join yoga to get back their lean body. A fitness regime that brings back your curves also brings along those scary stretch marks. Use a good anti-stretch mark cream and apply it on your arms, legs, and waist.

9. Opt for a full-body exfoliation

Having just a few weeks before you walk down the aisle, pampering yourself is a must. Therefore, either visit a good spa or get some great body scrubs to shoo-away dirt and increase the blood circulation in your skin. Get a great full body massage to tone-up your muscles and bring them out all that glow.

10. Take hair-spa visits

Involve this routine when just days are left for the wedding. Hair-spas are very essential before the wedding day to reinforce all the good you’ve done so far for your hairs and prevent them from damage done from the bottles of hair-sprays.

11. Give time to your hands and feet

Book a good salon and get frequent manicures and pedicures. No girl would want to flaunt her wedding ring along with cuticles and damaged nails. Hands and feet are the most exhaustive part of our body which needs equal care and pampering.


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